Welcome to Eggcetera

Why this name?

Because an ordinary idea is boring so we’re here to help hatch yours.

The idea of the Eggcetera Agency was born 10 years ago in the mind of our founder.

The idea is simple — to offer completely transparent and compassionate collaboration with our customers, to push each one to grow.

You will have no fuss from us; only results and daily commitment.

By working with us, you agree to:

  • Get good ideas
  • Have positive exchange
  • Accept Criticism (also positive)
  • That you are not the digital marketing specialists (we’ll take care of that)
  • Learn with us

And, most especially, you agree to speak to specialists — not just another “Yes Man” agency, nor a simple executor. (And yes, we piss off stupid execution).

Our Values



You will be at the heart of all marketing decisions and will always have a (good) answer to your question. From defining the the price of our services, to reporting, you will have all the cards on hand to understand our decisions and why working with us is better than with others.



Is your decision worth discussing?
We will always be there to do it!
Yes, even if it bothers you. Sorry, we want you to succeed!



None of our values are more important than this. Without trust, there is no point in working together. You must be able to trust that we can bring you to success, just as we trust you to be up-to-date on the accounting 😉

Do you share our values?

Our skills at the service of:

Your project

Web Development 80%
SEO 85%
Paid Acquisition 110%
Community management 90%
Project Management 99%
Bullshit 2%

As soon as the brief is received, we fully collaborate with you in the process of developing our recommended strategy. Until we deliver, you will be aware of every detail of the project as well as its progress.

Our processes are dedicated to providing you with the best possible visibility for your business.

Each component of your online presence is a gear to activate, all part of a self-sufficient ecosystem.

To put it simply: any prospect arriving on your site, whether by paid or organic means, must be valued and retargeted to transform him into a customer.

Your ROI, obviously. Every action taken, every penny spent, should help improve your ROI, by channel, but also overall. This is why we monitor all of our expenses and most importantly, all your recorded conversions.